Crowns and Bridges

Mermaid Beach Custom Dentistry

A healthy and confident smile depends on functional teeth that are able to aid in speech, eating and communicating your emotions. But if a broken or missing tooth is getting in the way of the diet and lifestyle that you deserve, custom restorations like our porcelain crowns and bridges can help.

Dental Crowns

Crowns: Full Coverage Protection

Sometimes called “caps”, dental crowns protect the portion of teeth extending above the gums. They’re recommended when a tooth has experienced such structural damage that it cannot support a smaller restoration (like a filling). Crowns fully cover the tooth up to the soft tissues, allowing them to withstand normal biting and chewing. Plus, the porcelain is matched to neighbouring teeth so that the crown is less noticeable.

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Dental Bridges: Filling in the Gap

Missing teeth leave more than just a visible space in your smile. They can also cause the surrounding teeth to drift out of alignment. Additionally, if you’re using one side of your mouth to chew more than the other, it can lead to abnormal wear. A bridge fills in the open area left behind by suspending a crown or two between two functional ones, with the crowns on each end being attached to supporting teeth or dental implants. Unlike a denture or partial, bridges are not removable.

Functional and Aesthetic

Although crowns and bridges serve a restorative and protective role when it comes to treating damaged teeth, they’re also vital in the cosmetic appearance of your smile. If you have a missing or broken tooth towards the front of your mouth, we’ll need to pay particular attention to the materials and colours selected for your permanent restoration. That way your new “tooth” blends in when you smile, accentuating your appearance rather than detracting from it.

Each of the high-quality porcelains and ceramics that we use is made to withstand regular wear from biting and chewing. That being said, at Mermaid Smiles we recommend wearing a night guard or bite splint to prevent any unwanted chipping or wearing in your investment while you’re sleeping.

Caring for Your New Crown or Bridge

It’s essential to carefully clean around your new restoration each day, especially where it meets the gums. Thorough flossing is also recommended and will not pull a stable restoration off when done properly. Talk to our dentist during your next checkup for tips on how to keep these areas free of excessive plaque buildup.


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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.