Need Dentures?

Mermaid Beach Custom Dental Prosthetics

Getting dentures for the first time — or replacing an older pair — is a delicate process. Not only are you becoming accustomed to eating and talking with a new dental restoration, but you also want to look for your best denture repairs Gold Coast throughout the process.

At Mermaid Smiles we work closely with Dentures at Varsity to ensure a customised experience for each of our denture patients. Every prosthesis is carefully designed and crafted for maximum aesthetic potential and comfort. An extensive amount of detail goes into the process, in order for us to provide you with the best results.

First Time Denture Treatment

Your new denture is made to fit your unique smile. From replacing all of your teeth at once to fitting between the ones you’re still holding onto, a custom full or partial can be crafted with teeth (and gummy areas) that accentuate what you love the most about your smile. Dentures at Varsity even allows you to select the tooth size, shape and colour of your preference.

Are Dentures Right for You?

Here are a few situations when you may want to consider investing in a new full or partial denture.


When it’s necessary to replace multiple teeth at one time

As a faster, more efficient form of full mouth reconstruction
If you’ve suffered from aggressive gum disease
Your old denture feels loose or causes sores on your gums
Missing teeth are affecting your diet and social life

Caring for Your New Denture

To get the most out of your new denture, you’ll want to take special steps to care for it properly. Remove your denture nightly, as prolonged wear can lead to infection or jaw damage. Soak your prosthesis in a denture cleansing solution overnight and brush away the loosened deposits the next morning. Be sure to avoid abrasive cleansers or chemicals, as they may warp or scratch your new appliance.

Denture Adjustments and Repairs

A broken or poorly fitting denture can sometimes be repaired or relined to improve its comfort. We invite you to bring your existing appliance during your exam for us to evaluate the fit and explore options that may be available. If it needs to be replaced – or you want to discuss anchoring it on top of dental implants – we’ll review what choices you have and the advantages of how they’ll affect your unique smile.


  • Full upper OR lower denture – Code: 711, 712

$1600 approx.

  • Full upper AND lower denture – Code: 719

$2800 approx.

  • Partial upper OR lower denture – Code: 727, 728, 723

$1850 approx.

  • Denture reline – Code: 743, 744

$400 approx.

  • Add tooth to denture – Code: 736

$300 approx.


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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.