Non-surgical Eyebrow Lifts

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Have you noticed your eyebrows or forehead starting to sag over time? Perhaps when you look in the mirror you notice droopiness or looseness in your skin. You’ve considered having an eyebrow lift to tighten and smooth out your face, but the idea of having surgery isn’t something you’re interested in.

It’s time to ask us about a non-surgical eyebrow lift, thanks to advanced facial threading techniques.

Surgery-Free Eyebrow Treatment

Surgery-free Eyebrow Treatment

Looking to add volume and even texture around your eyebrows to appear more refreshed? Placing small and non-invasive barbed threads just under the surface of your skin can provide even longer results than alternative treatments like dermal fillers and injectables. While they’re typically used in conjunction with one another, the injected threads trigger new collagen growth to naturally plump up the skin for as long as two years.

During your procedure, we’ll numb the surface of your skin with a topical jelly, followed by a small amount of injected anaesthetic. After the area is completely desensitised, the threads are placed along the eyebrow where tissues are the most effected. If desired, we jump-start your smooth skin results by administering cosmetic injectables.

Could an Eyebrow Lift Help You Look Your Best?

Some of the most common reasons why people consider getting eyebrow lifts are because of collagen loss through their forehead, the aging effects of gravity on their delicate facial areas, chronic tired-like appearance or problems with loose skin interfering with their vision. If your medical specialist doesn’t recommend surgery or you want to try a non-surgical alternative first, then facial threading along your eyebrows is worth considering.


Request a consultation today to find out how an eyebrow lift, facial threading or cosmetic injectables can help you enjoy smoother, fresher looking skin.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.