Tooth Extractions

While it’s always our mission to help your family preserve their natural smile for a lifetime, sometimes it’s in the best interest of your wellness to have a particular tooth extracted. When it is, we’re here to keep you comfortable and ensure that the future of your oral health is the top priority.

Why Should I Have My Tooth Removed?


If you’re in severe pain


Instances involving emergencies


Upcoming full mouth reconstruction (dentures, implants, etc.)


Impacted wisdom teeth


Orthodontic concerns


Non-restorable teeth

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Planning for Your Oral Surgery

A tooth removal can be relatively simple and straightforward or it may be more complex. For example, a single-root tooth that’s loose due to aggressive gum disease is typically easier to remove than a multi-rooted tooth would be. To ensure your comfort, we’ll thoroughly numb the area around it so that you feel nothing other than mild pressure. If you prefer, you can also elect to have sedation dentistry or happy gas to help you feel more relaxed.

After your extraction you’ll feel numb for at least a few hours as the local anaesthetic wears off. Be careful not to eat any hard or crunchy foods on that side of your mouth for several days. You may need to change out a small gauze compress as it becomes saturated over the first several hours until the blood clot fully forms.

After Having a Tooth Removed

Aside from wisdom teeth, having a tooth extracted can significantly alter the alignment of other teeth in your mouth. To prevent them from moving, rotating or becoming crooked, you’ll want to have a plan for replacing your tooth within a fairly short time frame. Some wonderful options to consider are dental implants or a customized dental bridge.


  • Tooth Extraction – Code: 311
  • Wisdom tooth extraction – Code: 311-324

$280 – $420
$350 – $450


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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.