Taking the first steps to giving yourself a complete smile makeover is an extremely exciting time. There are many different options you can choose when it comes to transforming your smile but one of the most popular here at Mermaid Smiles is with Invisalign. Many patients are interested in straightening their teeth but are put off at the thought of having to wear braces for an extended period. Invisalign can straighten misaligned teeth the same as braces, but the biggest difference is that they’re invisible.
treatment used to straighten misaligned teeth
What is Invisalign? Like braces, Invisalign is a treatment used to straighten misaligned teeth, close gaps and correct underbites if necessary. Instead of traditional metal braces you frequently see, this treatment uses clear tray aligners which clip on to small attachments that are placed onto the teeth at the beginning of the treatment. Similarly, to braces, these trays put constant pressure on the teeth which gently moves them into the desired position, fixing the pre-existing dental issue. Throughout this treatment trays are changed every 1 – 2 weeks dependant on the position of your teeth. Each time a tray is changed they guide the teeth into a different position until the final tray is finished, and the end goal has been reached.
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How Does Invisalign Work? Once records, scans and impressions of your teeth have been taken, our Dentists will work hard behind the scenes to digitally create your final tooth positions. This process may take a couple of weeks going back and forth perfecting your customised smile. Once the Dentist is happy, we will invite you back into our office to show you your own digital simulation of your teeth, it’s what’s called a ClinCheck. Once you’re happy, which we know you will be, Invisalign will 3D print your very own customer aligners from start to finish! At your starting appointment, the Dentist will prepare your teeth for the attachments. These attachments are tooth coloured and invisible. These little guys are the handles for the aligners to grab onto and move your teeth into the desired positions. Each aligner will slowly move your teeth, getting closer to that end result. Once received, the aligners are changed every 1 – 2 weeks, depending on your teeth’s needs. You receive the total amount of trays at the beginning of your Invisalign treatment and upon your dentist’s approval you will get to move onto the next tray. You don’t always have to visit in clinic every time you change a tray, your dentist will instead give you a personalised treatment plan which will advise you on when to change them. To be effective the trays need to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day. The only reason they should be removed from your mouth is when eating and drinking or brushing and flossing your teeth. Due to the ability to remove the trays, you don’t have any restrictions on what food and drinks you can eat throughout your treatment.
everything you need to know about invisalign
Why Do People Prefer Invisalign Over Other Teeth Straightening Treatments? There are a couple of major differences that lead people to choose Invisalign over other methods to straighten their teeth. In comparison to braces that have metal brackets and wires, the trays for Invisalign treatment are completely invisible. This makes it more appealing to people, especially adults who don’t want it to be obvious that they are currently undergoing the straightening process. Invisalign is also considered to be more convenient option because it means less trips to the dentist during your treatment.
everything you need to know about invisalign
We’ve found among our patients their top four reasons for choosing Invisalign are: 1. Appearance Like we said before, this treatment is completely invisible, making the appearance of Invisalign a massive reason why people choose it. Braces can be a massive insecurity for some people so knowing that they have a clear option as a choice can make people feel way more comfortable and reduce any nerves, they have about straightening their teeth. 2. Comfort Like any treatment the clear aligners do take some time getting used to, but they are still more comfortable in comparison to braces. Every time braces get adjusted it puts tension on the teeth which can cause discomfort in the mouth for a few days following the appointment. Along with tension soreness, braces may cause discomfort because they can scrape against gums, tongues, and cheeks. 3. Easy To Remove Being able to remove the trays from your mouth at any time during the treatment is also a massive benefit. They’re easy to put in and remove, no matter your age. Since they are able to be removed at any point, you don’t have to make drastic diet changes because you’re able to eat and drink all of the same foods. Being able to remove the trays also helps maintain great dental hygiene throughout your treatment because you can remove them to ensure you’re brushing and flossing normally instead of having to take extreme care. 4. Fewer Potential Problems Invisalign often means that there are few potential problems throughout the treatment. It’s common when having braces that you may have to make an emergency trip to the orthodontist at point or another as brackets may fall off or wires snap. The aligners mean that you don’t have to worry about these issues.

Can Anyone Get Invisalign?

Invisalign is generally suitable to anyone who wishes to have the treatment completed but like anything it’s important to have a consultation to ensure it’s going to achieve your smile goals. Previously Invisalign wasn’t able to correct serious dental issues, but it has since evolved and is much more versatile, being able to treat a range of dental issues just like traditional braces. Now it’s not only known for being able to fix misaligned teeth and gaps, but it can also help correct a range of bite issues.
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At Mermaid Smiles we are an official Invisalign provider. We offer consultations where we sit down with you to understand your smile goals and give you a preview of what your new smile is going to look like. Get in touch with us to book your consultation and start your journey to your dream smile. For more information about our Invisalign service, click here.